Monday, April 28, 2008

This space available...

For whoring.

I don't have much to write, so if you want me to promote something of yours, I'm game. Just let me know.

My first client is my good friend Daisy Whitney. We met back in my swinging single Denver days, and she's good people. Squared. She's a tech and entertainment biz guru who runs a blog on TV and does a weekly video journal called "Daisy Whitney's New Media Minute." In truth, they haven't been as short as a minute for months, but they're always entertaining and informative. Here's her latest Minute promoting her new "Who's the hottest male video blogger" poll. The link to her poll on her blog is below the video.

Go vote here.

I'm not voting until at least one female votes. It's a Big Gay Sausage Party at the moment.

P.S. - Before my cruder commenters ask if I ever "hit that", the answer is no. First of all, she's married. Second, she said no.