Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Movies, TV, and Pictures


For the first time in a LONG time, I saw two new-release movies in the span of a little more than a week. It was exhilarating! The first movie I saw was "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" with my wife. I enjoyed it. It had a lot of funny parts, but it wasn't that great of a movie, per se. It was very choppy and awkward as a story, especially in the beginning. And a lot of the funny parts were just jokes thrown in, and didn't serve the story. By the end, though, I was rooting for the main character and left the theater entertained. Another strange thing about it was I went in excited to see Kristin Bell, and left pretty hot for Mila Kunis. I never looked at her that way before. What eyes!

The second movie was "Iron Man". I'm not a comic book geek to any degree, but I've always kind of liked Iron Man, even without knowing any of his back story. Everything I had seen leading up to the movie: casting, pictures, trailers, got me more and more excited. Well, the movie didn't disappoint. It was a great, fun movie. It had great action (although more would have been better), good humor (not too hokey or out of place), and a good, solid story that didn't get ridiculous. The performances were really good, too, with a very classy cast. My only problem with it has to do with the main villain and the final showdown. I don't want to give much away, but the final scenes didn't have the best action of the movie, and were a bit sloppy and quick in getting to the final conflict. Another weird thing: I went in excited to see Robert Downey, Jr. and left pretty hot for Gwyneth Paltrow. I've always liked her as an actress, but she never really "did it" for me that much. But seeing as she sometimes bears a quite striking resemblance to my wife, I wanted to see much more of her on screen. And her red hair looked great, too.


Just a quick note about the returned shows that I'm enjoying. "The Office" has been great, and I'm so loving the impending Jim-Pam engagement. I can't get enough of Jim's psuedo-proposals. "30 Rock" ended really strong after starting kind of slowly for me after the strike. "How I Met Your Mother" has been hilarious the last few episodes, also after an iffy restart. I'm even enjoying Britney's guest appearances. "Reaper" has also shown improvement, with this week's ep introducing a very interesting twist. I hope that show gets renewed next season. And "Lost" is just kicking insane amounts of ass since its return. The next two weeks are going to be epic.


We moved into our new house in late Fall last year. It snowed after we lived there for three days, and the ground was pretty much covered until early April. Now the yard has woken up to Spring, and we're discovering new things about our house. There are good things, like flowers and trees, seen here:

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And bad things, like several breaks and leaks in the sprinkling system and the largest slug I've ever seen, found on the inside of one of our sprinkler valve boxes:

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Man, sucker was huge! He's not even stretched out here. And what's with the spots? I've never seen a slug like that. It's some sort of Jaguar Slug.