Monday, July 14, 2008

Things to be happy about

1. I'm going on a beach vacation in a little over a week.
2. I'm going to see The Police and Elvis Costello in less than a week.
3. Today is Tanya Donelly's 42nd birthday. Happy birthday, Tanya!
4. I took my guitar out last night and put it in a place where I might actually play it more than once a year.
5. My wife found my stopwatch.
6. I ran 8.5 miles last night and because I had my stopwatch I could determine I ran just under a 9 minute mile pace. Not blazing speed, but I'll take it for now.
7. New episodes of Avatar start again today!!! Woot!
8. I like my new car and it got just over 20 mpg on its second tank. Hopefully it will start getting even better.
9. I wrote another post after almost a month.
10. My life is going smoothly enough to not warrant writing much on my blog.
11. Videos!

One of my favorite Police songs:

In honor of Miss Donelly's birthday something from her solo repertoire, The Bright Light:

And a classic Belly performance of "Gepetto" from MTV's old John Stewart Show. I totally remember seeing this back in the day: