Wednesday, August 13, 2008

That's my boy!

Well, we're back from vacation (a couple weeks ago, but I'm lazy). We had a really good, relaxing time. Didn't do too much except hang out at the beach/pool, get sunburned on day 1 (just like every time) and watch the boys play in the water. We went to one of the Golden Isles in southern Georgia. It was a really neat place, with very picturesque oak trees that had Spanish Moss hanging from them, and palm trees, too. I got to play golf badly two days as an added bonus, and also sweat my ass off in the stifling humidity. I actually ran twice, 5.5 miles each time, so that countered some of the excessive eating I was doing. All in all, a good vacation. Just not much to tell about it.

Now back home I'm still struggling to get into my regular exercise routine. We were all exhausted after we came back, partially due to the time difference (that's our favorite excuse, anyway). Yesterday I researched diet pills to try and jump start some weight/ fat loss that seems to have stalled. I need to just exercise more regularly, but it's not always easy on a family schedule. The fall isn't going to get any easier when my wife is in school. I probably won't do the pills, though. Even though they do work for some people, they're pretty expensive without a guarantee that they'll work on me. Plus, I don't want anything to make me slack off my running. If I'm going to meet my goals, I need to be diligent and consistent.

That's about it for happenings around here. I'm enjoying the Olympics, like I always do, and letting all the problems with China and their government slip my mind in the process.

As for the post's title, that refers to my almost three year old son. He's getting so big and saying new words and phrases all the time. It's so cute. A little while ago he came up to me and said "Mommie's nipples is big!" He said it to my wife while she was toplessly getting him dressed, and she told him to tell me. I was so proud.