Thursday, December 06, 2007

Home Sweet Home!

Here are some shots of the new house. We had a pretty good snowfall a couple days after we moved in, so me and the older boy made an inaugural snowman.

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Those were the only two sticks in the backyard, and they happened to work quite well for arms.

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The view from our front door.

As far as any entertaining stories of the frustrations of moving, there are some. But we're so happy to be done, and so happy with the house, that I'm no longer dwelling on the problems.

So what's there to talk about? Only TV, but I haven't been watching much lately. With Prison Break on winter hiatus, we've been able to watch How I Met Your Mother. I really like that show, but this season seems a bit less funny than seasons past. I'm dreading the end of "in-the-can"episodes and hope that the writer's strike ends soon. If not, I still have Arrested Development and Veronica Mars on DVD to fill the time.