Friday, February 22, 2008

WHAT?!?! Another post? It's only been a couple of days!

It must be very cold in Hell right about now. Anyway, I've decided to post again to renew a feature I did probably two years ago, but I can't really remember when or on which blog I did it.

It's time to Pick Your Favorite Bruins Ice Girl! My favorite sports team, the Boston Bruins, recently anonuced their Ice Girls for the season. Ice Girls are like cheerleaders for hockey. They skate around and give out free crap during intermissions, shovel ice shavings, and make public appeances to promote the team. They're a somewhat recent phenomenon in the NHL, and don't really serve much of a purpose. But they can be fun to look at, and provide me material for a post. If TWG happens to come by and read this, please spare me the spiel about "The Red Wings are too pure and awesome to engage in the sacrilege that is the Ice Girls." Just pick one. I know you like girls. :-)

Without any further ado, here are this year's Ice Girls*. Click on the picture to go to that girl's bio page. You should make your decision based on looks as well as answers to the silly bio questions. They're people, after all, not just skating pieces of meat.

Alexa............... Andrea............ Audrey

Emily............... Fasha.............. Grier

Jaime.............. Jenn................. Julez

Katherine.......... Kim.................. Megan

Rebecca.............. Sam............ Shannon

Sydney............ Whitney
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I'm not particularly impressed with the group as a whole this year. There are some cuties, but one of them runs away with the prize in my book. She wins by a mile. I'll be interested to see if your picks match up with mine. I'll anounce my pick, and the results of the voting, in *gasp* another post in a few days! Have a great weekend until then.
* I couldn't get the names to line up right with the pictures, and I'm too lazy to make it better. It should be good enough.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Like a whale coming up for air...

So do I periodically rise to write a short, insignificant post. Here are a couple things on my mind:

I went to Portland last weekend to chaperone and semi-coach a college mock trial team. I also judged some rounds. It was really fun, even though appellate-style moot court was way more my thing in law school than doing trials. The team has asked me to be their coach next year, and the school may even create a class and hire me as an adjunct professor to teach it! That's pretty exciting. Whatever happens, I'm going to have to do a lot of brushing up on trial advocacy.

I still can't really believe the Patriots lost the Super Bowl. Sure, the Giants' D-line played really well and hassled Brady, but the Giants victory came down to being really lucky on their last drive. Two dropped interceptions, a foiled sack, and Tyree's most unlikely of catches combined to kill the Pats. Other than Manning getting free of the sack, he didn't really perform that well on the drive. He wasn't efficient, wasn't really that composed. It just shouldn't have ended that way. Fuck!

I found out last night that while I was in Portland, one of my favorite musicians was also in town giving a concert that I didn't know about. That kind of sucked.

Speaking of music, I may have found a new band I like. I didn't really find them. This band is kind of the hot new indie thing, I think. They are what Clap Your Hands Say Yeah were a year or so ago: a minimalist, neo-New Wave band from New York creating a lot of buzz. I don't really care for such bands, but this band has something vey interesting to their sound. The band is called Vampire Weekend, and the only way to really describe their music is lo-fi pop with an African tinge. Kind of like The Talking Heads recording with Paul Simon's Graceland band, but catchier and less intricate. You can check them out on their Myspace page, where they have 4 songs for listening. I've only heard those 4 songs, so I'm not entirely sure how much I like them. But the initial listening has drawn me in. They're supposed to play a show in my home town in late March, and I'm going to try to see the show.

Lost is kicking so much ass this season, it's really not fair to any other show. SOOOOO fucking good. I'm excited about the strike being over, but really, all I care about is Lost. Thankfully, the strike's end means that they'll be able to film the rest of Lost's 13-episode season.

I haven't seen any movies I've wanted to for several months, and nothing that's up for an Oscar. I'm pulling for Daniel Day Lewis because I'm his bitch. From what I've read about Hal Holbrook's "Into the Wild" performance and long career, I think it would be cool for him to win Supporting Actor, even though Javier Bardem will probably run away with it. That's about the extent of my Oscar interest this year.

That's all for now. Talk to you again sometime.